Ok, so it’s been a little hectic the past couple of weeks so I have some serious catching up to do. I went on my first business trip since going back to work. It was right before Labor Day and thankfully was only a one-nighter to Chicago.

Dorky travel selfie obvi

All-in-all, it went off without a hitch. Sean and the girls did great, I had a near-perfect meeting and there were no significant travel delays to speak of. I even indulged in some deep dish (Giordano’s!) because what else is one to eat when in Chicago for a grand total of 20 hours?

I must say, I was not too keen on leaving the chickies but I was looking forward to drawing those blackout shades and getting a solid 8-9 hours of blissfully quiet sleep. I got myself settled, set up a wake up call for 7:50 am (thank you noon meeting!), and starfished that king size bed. Fast forward to 6:50 am when the front desk called me to let me know a package I sent myself had arrived… So much for sleeping in hahaha. At least the breakfast buffet and omelet were pretty legit. And I got to FaceTime for the morning wake-up so I could sing my happy wake-up song to the girls. Silver linings!

It’s nice to have the first trip out of the way and I’m so glad it was a quick one. Next up, Sean is traveling for a week to the east coast at the end of September and then I have almost a week-long trip to Boston at the end of October. Busy busy. But first… CAMPING IN SAN ONOFRE! Planning post coming soon!!

*title image courtesy of Balyeat Photography

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