20160827_115644.jpgWe’ll start by explaining what microadventures are. A gentleman named Alastair Humphreys coined the term, and he uses it to describe exploring your local community. The microadventure helps get you out of your normal routine and encourages short, simple adventures that are often cheap or free. These type of trips are perfect for helping get the girls ready for bigger adventures. They also help us get prepared as well to test out new gear or strategies.

On Saturday we took a short drive to Julian to get our first taste of fall this year. Julian is known for its apples, and the Julian economy is built on this delicious fruit – pie, hard cider, orchards, etc. The drive out there is nice with lots of mountains and farms. Julian is at an elevation of 4,226 feet so it gets snow during the winter as well. Note: going from sea level to 4,000′ in one hour will cause premade bottles to leak from the pressure change. This was a lesson we learned when flying to the East Coast, but neglected to take it into account for driving with an elevation change.


We went apple and pear picking at Apple Starr Orchards, filling up one big bag with a mix of red bartletts, anjou, and bosc pears, and granny smith and fuji apples. Their entire orchard is organic, which was cool and not often something we consider when buying fruit and vegetables at the grocery store.

We forgot to pack hats, so we used small towels we keep in the diaper bag.
Mary in search of the perfect apple


We then ventured into the town of Julian for lunch at Miners Diner and pie at Julian Pie Company.


We had a blast for the day and have some other fun microadventures in the works as we speak.

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