I am a mom to beautiful twin girls, Quincy and Leona, and their puppy brother, Blake. I hope to set a great example of a strong woman for my girls – intellectually, emotionally, and physically. In my free time I play outside in our beautiful town of Encinitas, CA, Crossfit, or otherwise be active. My husband, Sean, and I are originally from the east coast and made the cross-country journey to our new home that we love.

I’m Sean and I’m lucky to call Quincy and Leona my daughters. I’m also lucky to call Mary my wife and the creator of this fantastic family adventure. I have found a renewed love for the outdoors here now that we can do the things we love year round. For me, the time to reconnect with nature, even if just for a few hours can do wonders for me and I can already see the girls falling in love with the natural world. Since starting this blog, I’ve completed the Sierra Club’s Wilderness Basics Course to refine my skills and learn new ones along the way for outdoor preparedness.