We’ve posted about the gear we have in the past, but since then, we’ve swapped out a few things to best accommodate the needs of our family’s camp setup. I won’t call us minimalists by any means, but we are finding efficiencies where we can. We’ll keep adding to this list as we upgrade or refine our gear list.

Tent- REI Kingdom 6 with garage- Our nine year old tent was no longer waterproof, so we came across this one on sale. Best part is that it has great headroom for standing up. The garage is also a great feature to give us some additional coverage in case of rain or to store gear overnight.

EXPED Megamat DUO – as comfortable as our mattress at home and super durable.

Kelty PerfectFit Elite Kids Carrier – After our Kelty Pathfinder 3.0 got a tear in the strap, Kelty sent out a brand new PerfectFit Elite free of charge. Fantastic and quick customer service. The girls love how comfortable the packs are, and they sit very well on us carrying the girls around. We still have a Kelty Journey 2.0 to carry the other child.

Sleeping Bags – Mountain Hardwear has been great for us. Luckily we’ve been able to get access to the employee store through the Sierra Club connection. We’ve gotten the Ratio for Sean and each girl has the Bozeman which is an adjustable bag and should fit until they are 5’5″. Mary’s a sidesleeper and got the Nemo Rave on a great deal from REI.

We’ve added a JetBoil Flash to help make tea, hot cocoa, and dehydrated meals in a pinch. It’s been a great addition to help ensure we can make that macaroni and cheese in a few minutes.

Stanley Adventure Camp Cookset gives us a pot, pan, plates, bowls, utensils, and nests nicely into itself.