Safe to say I’m still catching up on all of the activities over the past couple of weeks so expect a few posts coming in quick succession.

We were so lucky to have a few friends in town over Labor Day Weekend. Our friend Amanda had a work conference in San Diego so we got to hang out at the San Diego Manchester Grand Hyatt pool for the afternoon (and drink some delicious Moscow mules). We had high hopes that the pool would be really fun for the girls but it was just a touch cold and Quincy cried immediately upon hitting the water haha. We still had a great afternoon regardless with some good naps and playtime.

Then Joyce and Mark came into town for the last stop of their road trip that started in Seattle. They took a pretty phenomenal tour down the coast and even brought the girls a couple of souvenirs! Joyce is Quincy’s godmother so I was pumped that they got some more quality time together.

We went on a great hike/walk at Torrey Pines State Beach and tried out our new Kelty Kids carriers- the Pathfinder 3.0 and the Journey 2.0. In short – we LOVE them!! The sunshade is a must with our fair skinned beauties and the pack is super comfortable for both them and us. The girls basically wanted to just chew on everything so it’s pretty sweet that the chin pad is removable – those went in the wash ASAP.


Expect to see these carriers in a lot more pictures in the future as we continue our adventures! Here are some other pictures from a great long weekend.


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