We’ve been fortunate to receive a few books from family and friends about the National Parks. We figured we’d share and ask for other suggestions.

Our Great Big Backyard – Written by former First Lady Laura Bush and her daughter, Jenna. It is very much a children’s book, with great illustrations and a story about a family’s summer adventure and a daughter’s transition from a love of technology to a love of nature.  We’ve already read this to the girls a number of times.


National Parks Guide U.S.A. – This is a more comprehensive “guidebook” that has information on the National Parks and fun things for kids to do while on site with “must-do” checklists. It also has information on some of the National Monuments that are near certain parks to really round out each trip.  This particular edition is in honor of the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service.  The NPS has all kinds of great things going on in honor of this milestone so check out their website!


Fun and Educational Places to Go with Kids and Adults in Southern California – Although this book is not directly related to National Parks, it’s the kind of resource that will give you ideas for fun things to do with kids no matter where you are.  There are probably similar books for other regions across the country.


We know we’ll accumulate more as we progress through the parks, but it’s fun starting early. Any suggestions for other books to add to the library?

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