I returned to work following the end of my maternity leave this past week.  It’s a very strange mix of emotions.

On the one hand, I feel like I’m kind of on vacation hahaha.  With days that got so crazy with 2 babies and all of their needs, it feels like a break to have a few quiet moments to just think… or have an adult conversation… or eat lunch at a normal time… or eat lunch at all.  I also get to take time during the day to take care of myself, such as getting up and putting a little makeup on and going to the gym during my lunch hour.  It’s really important to still maintain a sense of self and do the things that make you happy too.

Quincy was pretty excited on my first day back to work… Blake – not so much

On the other hand….. I miss my girls.  I thought that maybe this first week would be easy because I got that break that I so desperately needed.  But then during the afternoon of my first day back, I started missing them.  And I’ve missed them at some point every day this week.  I have a greater level of comfort knowing that Sean is with them on his paternity leave.  I think when we start daycare in August, though, that transition will be even harder.

I hate feeling like I’m missing something but I know that I’m setting a great example for my girls in regards to education, work, and ambition.  We just have to do the best we can, right?

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