We had a couple of considerations when it came to setting up the nursery for the girls.  First, we are operating in limited square footage (see this post).  Second, efficiency is key – things need to be easily identifiable and within arms reach whenever possible so that we can streamline a 30 minutes circus to get out the door to 15 minutes (and even that is a miraculous day).

The girls were in a crib in their own room from day one and in their own crib by 3 weeks.  This is partly due to a lack of space in our room for bassinets and also partly due to the fact that we need to sleep as well and babies squeak ALL NIGHT LONG.  Our bedroom doors are also perpendicular to one another so from my side of the bed to the crib is a total of about 10 steps.  Anyway… I found the cutest sheets to go with my western/woodland/girly theme.  They are from a company called Woolf With Me.  We got the Bohemian Arrow print and pink and lavender deer head prints.


Due to space we set up the cribs perpendicular to one another in the corner, flanked by the dresser/changing table and the rocking chair.

Curtains from Pottery Barn Baby, Rug from Land of Nod
A Woodland Nursery! Cribs and dresser from The Honest Company, prints above the doors were a gift from a coworker, blackout skylight curtain made by me!
Bear painting by yours truly, canvas animals made with stencils, quilt from Grandma, IKEA table painted pink, white, and gold, dream catcher mobiles from Etsy, lamp from Land of Nod

I have to say, I love how our changing station turned out.  I saw some cute pegboard ideas on Pinterest and figured that was a great way to keep everything close at hand while also being something that we can build on and will grow with the girls.  So far, I haven’t been let down.


Right behind the view above is a great storage option that my mother-in-law got us.  These canvas pockets are from Pottery Barn and are super helpful for storing little things like extra diapers and blankets.  As the girls grow, I’m sure they’ll get filled with toys or books.  We have one for each crib.

Love our Honest wipes and Pampers diapers!

To keep everything visible in the dresser drawers, we used simple boxes from IKEA.  They’re inexpensive and help us stay organized.  I mentioned efficiency before – this is so helpful with any child but with two, we can’t be fumbling through or dragging out any process or we could end up in double-meltdownland.

We roll the clothes so we can see everything and we’re not digging through piles to put a matching outfit together.

We have a small dresser that we painted right by the door that holds extra sheets and towels.  We hacked some IKEA shelves too by spray painting the brackets gold to go with the gold deer head and gold mason jars.

Half of the closet is for Sean and the other half has baby clothes, extra diapers and wipes, toys they aren’t quite ready for yet, bath stuff, and a laundry basket.  I’m sure I could improve that space over time but for now it’s getting the job done.


I think we’ve done a pretty good job so far of making the space work and finding simple solutions to keep us organized.  I’d love to hear other ways people have streamlined and organized their nurseries!

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