We’re taking our adventures to the low country of South Carolina to visit Congaree National Park, a place with old growth forest and flooded lowlands. We’re making this visit on our way to a friend’s wedding in Hilton Head, so it’s a quick stop on a larger trip.

Lodging- We’ll be flying into Charlotte, NC, and making the drive to Congaree National Park, near Columbia, SC.  Besides Columbia, it looks like Charlotte is the largest international airport near the park and is a direct flight from San Diego making it slightly easier to only have to deal with one flight each way.

Travel- A direct flight to from San Diego to Charlotte is about four hours. This will the first time the girls will have their own seats on a plane, making it a bit pricier to travel, but does give them a bit more space to move around. We’ll land in Charlotte and meet up with the grandparents and spend the night near Charlotte, then drive two hours to get to Congaree the next day.

Last time we flew cross country…so many goldfish and pretzels consumed

Kid factor:  This visit will be on the shorter side for a few reasons. Since we are heading down for a wedding and traveling with family, we want to spend most of our time around those activities. Another factor is that Congaree is on the smaller side and some of the trails can get flooded over, which is not something we want to venture into with the girls. An even scarier factor is that the park is inhabited by snakes, specifically water moccasins, which are considered an aggressive snake. The weather looks to be in the high 60s with a slight chance of rain, so not too much to worry about from a weather perspective.


The main exploration for this trip will be through the visitors center and the main boardwalk trail that is just over 2 miles long. We also will try and see if we can complete the local Junior Ranger quiz here.

Here’s to the first national park of 2018! We hope it’s a good one.


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