Lassen Volcanic National Park is the third leg on our road trip and home to the world’s largest plug dome volcano. Lucky for us, it will probably be the least crowded of all the places we visit. It’s a bit out of the way in Northern California, but Lassen Volcanic is unique because it has all four types volcanoes within its ground (plug dome, shield, cinder cone, and composite).It’s a combinations of mountains, old volcanoes, hot springs, lakes, and great scenery.

We plan on doing some hikes while we are there. Lassen is also hosting the Reach Higher Trail Challenge this summer to encourage people to get out and go hiking, so we might try and complete some of the hikes to win some free stuff. We’ll try Kings Creek Falls or Mill Creek Falls, while also taking some time to relax by the lakes so the girls can splash around. 

kings creek falls
Kings Creek Falls, source:


We’ll be staying two nights in the RV for the third leg of this four leg journey as previously blogged about here and here.  While at Lassen, we’ll be staying at the Summit Lake Campground on the north side of the lake, at an elevation of 6,700 feet. It’s a central location and should be a great spot to check out the entire park. 


It’s about a three hour drive from Crater Lake to Lassen Volcanic. We should be able to do it in one shot within any major stops. Fingers crossed.

Kid factor:  

Natural Steam Vents. Underneath Lassen Volcanic National Park is a lot of hydrothermal activity, releasing hot steam into the air or into the lakes, sometimes making them as hot at 125 degrees. Most of those areas are clearly defined so we’ll just need to make sure that the girls are in the Kelty Kids Carriers during those hikes.

terminal geyser
Terminal Geyser, source:

Another factor will be heat. Temperatures average around 85 degrees for highs, so making sure they have shade and water will be important. The evening averages are also cool dropping down to the 40s, so we’ll have to bundle the girls up before bedtime as well.


The girls are too young to do any Junior Ranger programs, but it looks like they can get their Chipmunk Club by stopping by the Visitor Center and having us help them in a little scavenger hunt while we explore.

We also read about Lily Pond Trail that is a 1 mile loop that should allow the girls to run around and burn off some energy.

If you’ve been and have any suggestions, leave us a comment.


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