Quincy (L) trying out some winter gear, Leona (R) noshing on a toy

They might be born the same day, but boy (or girl) are they different. Two totally different personalities. Two different types of smiles. Two different appetites.

This is a constant reminder for us as the girls make progress daily in their growth and development, but rarely at the same things. Many of the twin books and blogs reference this often when we prepped for their arrival, but it is refreshing to see it in action.

For example, these are some things Quincy has done first: smiled, giggled and laughed, grabbed things.

Leona took the lead on the following: enjoying tummy time, eating larger quantities of formula, sleeping through the night, pulling her knees up under her, rolling over from back to stomach and back again.

For those twin parents, or twin parents-to-be, your kids will make progress in different areas at different times. It’s okay and it’s expected.

One thought

  1. What cuties! Can’t wait to see them in December. Grandpa Tom showed us pictures of the girls and of course Blake and Griswold.


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