I’d say it’s rather fitting that my girls are almost 6 weeks old before I created my first post.  It really matches the spirit of the blog and is indeed a Twin Takeover.  Funny because I actually had every intention of starting this written journey before they were even born.  The Takeover honestly happened 6 weeks into the pregnancy so it really should come as no surprise then that I’ve been somewhat behind.  But we’re back on track now and ready to get this party started.

What is this blog even about?  Well, a few things.

First, there’s our evolving family life with our 2 beautiful daughters, Quincy and Leona.  With a family that has gone from 2 adults and 2 dogs – Blake and Griswold – to now being a wolfpack of 6 (somewhat) overnight, the learning curve is steep and pretty funny.  Frankly, as first time parents, we have absolutely no idea what we’re doing but we’re figuring it out day by day.  We also are lucky enough to call one of the most beautiful places in the world our home – sunny California (Encinitas, California just north of San Diego to be exact) – and I can’t wait to share our local adventures.

Mary, Quincy, Blake, Griswold, Leona, Sean

Second, I’m an avid athlete/Crossfitter/lover of the outdoors so I’ll be documenting my comeback tour following a pretty rough pregnancy, something I’ll touch on more in another post.  I have been unable to exercise since August 6, 2015 (pretty sad that I know the exact date that the rug was pulled out from under me) so I am praying that I get released to work out at my six week follow up appointment next week which will make this aspect of the blog far more interesting.

My first muscle up during the 2015 Crossfit Open

And last but certainly not least, my husband Sean and I are adamant that our girls not only appreciate this beautiful and amazing country that we live in, but love every tree, rock, flower, grain of sand, you name it that we are blessed with exploring.  We want them to understand how precious nature is, how fragile it can be, but love the wildness of it all and constantly reach for it.  With that in mind, we have a goal to bring our girls to every US National Park and some National Monuments.  There are 58 National Parks shown below and we’re still narrowing down which National Monuments we’ll be adding to this list.  Considering that 2016 marks the 100th Anniversary of the National Park Service and we’ve been lucky enough to visit a number of these already, we thought this would be an amazing family adventure to pursue.  When I was pregnant, we had to cancel our trip to Tuolomne Meadows in Yosemite National Park due to the elevation and the fact that I was classified as high risk.  My doctors advised against it so we put that trip on hold.  I honestly can’t wait to get started although we’ll probably wait until the girls are a couple months older – but we can start planning!

Wikipedia, Author: Mwierschkec

Twin Takeover makes it sound like an unwelcome change, but this is the best life hijacking I could possibly imagine.  Every day is its own mini adventure, with big adventures to come being thrown in for good measure.

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